Multiculturalism and Community Care

Provision of community-based care for older people from culturally and linguistically (CALD) diverse backgrounds is of increasing importance in Australia in response to the ageing population and government policies (Ageing Australia, 2015). Among the fastgrowing 65+ population, the number of older CALD people was already growing five times as quickly as the rate of Australian-born … Continue reading Multiculturalism and Community Care

Tips to help with depression

In Australia, there are currently over 1 million people suffering from depression each year. While the mental illness is different for each person individually, some common symptoms include changes in behaviour (withdrawing from society); retaining the thoughts of self-failure; a loss of physical endurance or energy and frequent changes in mood, including sadness, irritability and … Continue reading Tips to help with depression

Want to lose weight? Why seeing your doctor is a good place to start.

The journey to losing weight can be confusing. The media is flooded with countless fad diets and exercise programs that all promise miracles. The health food market is a multi-billion dollar industry and is saturated with expensive gluten free foods and ‘organic labels’. With so many experts and so many facets of the weight loss … Continue reading Want to lose weight? Why seeing your doctor is a good place to start.