Diabetes Educator at Encompass Medical Centre

In Australia, approximately one person develops diabetes every 5 minutes and recent studies have shown that the amount of people who have diabetes has tripled since 1990. Type 2 diabetes is the most prevalent type and many people living with it don’t actually know they have it.

The first step when one suspects they may be diabetic is to visit a GP or doctor for testing. Once confirmed, it is important to follow steps to manage the diabetes accordingly. Diabetes educators are the best source of information and support for anyone suffering from the condition.

What is a diabetes educator? 
Diabetes educators are trained specifically in the management of diabetes. These professionals have acute knowledge of symptoms, effects on mental health and the follow on effects. Anyone who is diagnosed with diabetes or has pre-diabetes should visit one.

What services do they provide? 
A diabetes educator provides a number of services to their patient. They teach a patient to manage the disease and they provide advice and structure for a person to implement into their life. They teach patients how to change their diet accordingly, incorporate physical exercise and how to manage their medications. They also monitor glucose levels in the blood and everything they advise is given with expert advice and with safety at the forefront of mind.

How to seek help from a diabetes educator
In order to receive a referral to a diabetes educator, the patient must either have been diagnosed with diabetes, or be extremely susceptible to it (pre-diabetes). Qualified diabetes educators abide by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association practice standards and are extremely qualified. It is a necessity that they complete a postgraduate certificate in management and diabetes assessment.

Focusing on always providing an elite medical service at all times, Encompass Medical Centre has identified the rising rate of diabetes in Australia & now have a diabetes educator onsite.

Calesta Cleal is a credentialed diabetes educator and registered Division 1 Nurse, her aim is to help her clients self-manage their diabetes effectively to prevent complications. Calesta specialises in pre-diabetes, type 1, type 2 diabetes and also gestational diabetes.

For appointments with Calesta or for more information please contact Encompass Medical Centre Mount Waverley today.


Calesta Cleal     Diabetes Educator 




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