The 4 Steps To Take When You Have Anxiety

Anxiety keeps us safe, makes us either fight or flee when faced with danger. This vital part of the human psychology needs to be powerful, but the problem is that those strong signals are not always accurate. An anxious brain is a strong brain, and as such it can act as a roadblock to rationality. Here are a few tips to help you deal with this roadblock:

1. Anxiety is based on potentials, what if I can’t do this or what if this happens
To combat this you have to be present in the current moment – to be who you are and not who your anxiety wants you to become. A way to deal with anxiety is to open your senses, to be reminded of your environment and breathe it in. In other words, you should be with what is happening rather than what might happen. Every time you do this your mind will become stronger in its ability to detach from anxious thoughts.

2. Patience will make you stronger
Thoughts and feelings will come and go, they will not become you. Be patient and know that whatever negative thoughts or emotions you are experiencing, they will eventually pass. There is no anxious thought that is stronger than you are, so contemplate them only long enough to know that you don’t need them today.

3. Trust yourself
An anxious thought is based on a potentiality, or what could happen in the future – the fear that we won’t be able to handle whatever is coming. Trust that whatever happens, you will be able to deal with it. This might seem false at first, but experiment with it and see what experience it gives you. Fear of failure isn’t a fear of the failure itself, but a fear that we cannot handle that failure. But you will manage, you’ve proven it repeatedly.

4. Observe your thoughts and feelings
Anxiety tries to engage us with every anxious thought that passes through us. Try taking a step back and imagining those thoughts as external to yourself. Sometimes we need to engage with our thoughts and sometimes we don’t. Experiment with letting them hover in the air around you, with no need to understand, change, or talk yourself out of them.

Remember that changing these thought patterns takes time, every step gets you closer to your destination and there is no need to hurry there.


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