The benefits of bulk billing

A person’s health can suffer for countless reasons. Whether it be from accidents, STIs, poor lifestyle choices, obesity, stress or a high BMI, looking after one’s general health and wellbeing is not optional, it is an absolute necessity. One of the biggest deterrents for people seeking medical attention is the costs associated with visiting a doctor or practitioner. Studies have shown that the people who frequent medical visits the least are those of a lower socioeconomic status or low-income earners with children.

When visiting a GP, doctor or a health clinic that does not bulk bill, the cost of consultation can be an exorbitant and unbudgeted expense for many people, particularly families. Often initial consultations require a follow-up consultation and the patients find themselves paying more than one consultation fee for the same service. The ongoing costs of visiting GPs that do not bulk bill are stopping people from seeking medical advice.

What many people don’t realise is that GP fees can be waived or lessened if they have a Medicare or health care card and visit practices and clinics where bulk billing is available.

Bulk billing is when a health professional chooses to accept the payment of the Medicare Benefit from the Australian Government as full payment for a health service. Patients may still incur an out of pocket fee for procedures and referrals to specialist services/investigations.
Encompass Medical Centre (EMC) in Mount Waverley not only accepts walk-ins to the clinic, they also bulk bill. EMC are focused on providing accessible health to all members of the public and even have GPs who speak multiple languages. EMC are currently running sexual health checks twice a week and are encouraging members of the public to participate. Book in with a GP at Encompass Medical Centre Mount Waverley today or by phoning 8545 9955.

2 thoughts on “The benefits of bulk billing

  1. ashleyturns94 says:

    I found it so helpful that you included the fact that general practitioner fees can lower just by visiting a bulk billing facility and have some kind of health care card. It’s such a good fact to know, seeing as everyone experiences medical problems and could definitely use lower expenses from those medical problems. My own brother has diabetes and has to go to a medical professional a lot. I’m sure he would love knowing that the fees can decrease at clinics where bulk billing is available.


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